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Booklets printed double sided, stapled and folded in either A5 or A4 size to a maximum of 120 pages depending on paper thickness


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Step 2 Enter total page count and number of copies (Example 12 Page Booklet = 12 Pages)
Step 3 Select print finishing options
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    Booklet Size:

    A5 Booklet Black & White
    A5 Booklet Colour
    A4 Booklet Black & White
    A4 Booklet Colour

    Half Folded & Stapled with 2 staples (Saddle Stitch)

    OKI | What is Saddle Stitch printing?


    Paper Types:

    80gsm - Budget - (120 Page Limit)
    100gsm - Standard (60 Page Limit)
    120gsm - Premium (40 Page Limit)

    Important Booklet Design Notes:

    • 120 Pages Maximum Booklet 
    • Booklet Files must be 1 File in either PDF or Word Format (not individual files)
    • Basic Booklet Printing with no bleed (white edge) and no trimming. Just a straight Print of your file folded and stapled into a booklet.
    • Saved as Individual Pages, not grouped/spread Pages as per below picture
    • 4 Page Booklets wont be stapled, and just Folded
    • 5 Pages and above Booklets will be Folded & Stapled (Saddle Stitch)
    • Booklets are automatically printed double sided
    • Please make sure your Artwork Design is either A4/A5 size.  If your Artwork size is smaller/larger it could make your booklet have larger white spaces on the edge.  This is because all Artwork gets printed to your sheet size (A4/A5) but kept in Ratio to avoid stretching.  If your Artwork is true A4/A5 size you wont have any problem.
    • Please enter the correct Booklet Page Quantity, Example 16 Page Booklet will be 16 Page Count.  Even though Booklets are printed Double Sided, we price our booklets per Page.

    Important Blank Pages:

    • When Booklets are printed, they are printed in sets of 4 pages per sheet,  This means if you have a 5 page Booklet, you will have 3 blank pages.  If you have a 8 page Booklet, you will have no blank pages.
    • To avoid Blank Pages being added, if your booklet is in sets of 4 pages, this will ensure 4 pages are printed onto 1 sheet of paper so example being 16 page booklet would print across 4 sheets of paper with no blank pages where as a 17 page booklet would print across 5 sheets of paper with 3 blank pages
    • If your booklet has blank pages, they will placed on the inside of the booklet and the last page of the booklet (back cover) will be printed on.


    IMPORTANT Customer Responsibilities

    1) Print Sizes
    All Prints except Plan Prints are printed to "Fit" the "Page Size" selected (Not stretched but kept to ratio).
    All Plan Prints are printed as Actual Size under the Plan Print Section.
    We do not offer full bleed prints (printed to the edge).
    All printing we offer is printed with a white border edge.
    We also cannot guarantee exact image centering down to the millimetre as with all commercial printers, paper can move during the print process.

    2) Print Order
    If multiple files are uploaded, the individual files may not be printed in order.
    We recommend just one PDF file with multiple pages in your desired order.
    We are unable to print bulk images in order.
    If printing double sided images, please add just 1 product with 2 images to the cart each time.

    3) Print Designs
    No trim and registration marks.
    If trim or registration marks are included, these will be printed on the page.

    4) High Resolution
    Save your design file in its highest resolution to avoid blurry or pixelated prints.

    5) CMYK Colours
    Use CMYK colour so your colours don't look different once printed.

    6) Embedded Fonts/Logos/Symbols/Signatures
    Embed your fonts so they don't change or look different once printed.

    If Logos/Symbols/Signatures are not Embed, they may not be printed on the page.

    7) Corrupted/Damaged/Incorrect Formats/Password Files
    You are responsible for making sure your file is print ready. 
    Corrupted, Damaged, Incorrect Formats and Password type files may not be included with your order as our software will not print these types of documents automatically.
    A refund of the missing files will be given upon request, however a refund will not be given for misprints due to corrupted files. 
    We will not cover the freight cost if you wish to reprint the file.

    8) Order Finish Types & Order Quantity's
    It is the customers responsibility to ensure their Order Finish Type and Order Quantity's entered are correct.
    We do not check your Finish Type and Order Quantity's as the printing process is automatic.

    9) Printing Responsibility
    It is the customers responsibility to ensure all artwork/designs/files are correct.
    Any printing that is done incorrectly due to the artwork/design/files not being correct is the customers responsibility.
    We do not check your artwork/design/files as the printing process is automatic.
    The customer needs to make sure their artwork/design/files are correct specifications.

    Full Terms and Conditions:

    Paper Types & Sizes

    Paper Types:
    80gsm - Budget
    100gsm - Standard
    120gsm - Premium
    200gsm - Thin Card
    300gsm - Thickest Card

    Duraprint - Water/Grease/Tear Resistant Paper

    Paper Sizes:
    A4 (210mm x 297mm)

    A3 (420mm x 297mm)

    A2 (420mm x 594mm)

    A1 (594mm x 841mm)

    A0 (841mm x 1189mm)

    Double Sided Printing

    Double Sided Printing:
    When selecting the Double Sided Page Option enter half the amount of total pages of your file under the option Page Count.

    Example: If you are printing 10 double sides pages, enter 5 Pages as Page Count
    If you are printing 100 double sides pages, enter 50 Pages as Page Count

    This excludes our A5/A4 Booklet printing products.

    Ring Binding & Stapling Info

    Ring Binding:
    Type: Plastic Bind Only
    Ring Binding is only for A4/A5 Long Edge and A3 Short Edge Printing Sizes.
    Maximum Page Bind is 250 Pages per Binding.

    If multiple files are uploaded, the Binding may not be printed in order, We recommend just 1 File when Ring Binding.

    Ring Binding Finish Types:
    No Cover & No Back
    Clear Cover Only
    Clear Cover & Card Back
    Card Back Only

    Staple Finish:
    If your page quantity is higher than the Stapler can produce, your printing will arrived non Stapled.

    When thicker paper is selected, we may not be able to staple 100 pages due to paper thickness, so your printing will arrived non Stapled.

    No Staple or Hole Punch available for A5 size (except for A5 booklets under booklet section)



    Free Delivery Nationwide over $100.00

    Nationwide Overnight Delivery
    A4/A5 Overnight Delivery $6.99  
    A3 Overnight Delivery 8.99 

    A2/A1/A0 Plans & Posters
    North Island Overnight Delivery $8.99
    South Island Overnight Delivery $11.99

    Rural Delivery (2-3 Working Days)
    A4/A5 Rural Delivery $11.99 
    A3 Rural Delivery $13.99
    A2/A1/A0 Plans & Posters Rural Delivery $16.99

    We no longer offer Saturday Delivery or International Shipping

    All rates exclude GST

    Processing Times

    Orders made during the weekend and public holidays will be processed on the next working day
    Overnight Delivery & Rural Delivery Cut Off time is 2.00 pm Monday to Friday

    Orders made on Friday will be delivered on the next working day.

    Delivery Areas

    It is Company policy not to ship to virtual offices. There is a requirement for all deliveries to be shipped to a verified address within New Zealand and Australia.

    Delivery Fees

    The delivery fee will vary depending on goods purchased and delivery methods chosen. The delivery fee is calculated by the size and weight of the items, plus the delivery location.

    Delivery costs will be automatically calculated in checkout and displayed in your total costs.

    Delivery Times

    Speed and quality of delivery is very important to us; we want you to be more than satisfied with our service. All delivery times quoted on the website are estimates only, based on availability, normal processing size and delivery companies.

    In the event we are unable to dispatch your order promptly or on the rare occasion that a product is unexpectedly out of stock, We will endeavour to e-mail, text or call you as soon as possible to let you know the estimated time for delivery, allowing you to make alternative arrangements, if you wish.

    Freight Delays

    We pay our freight companies to delivery your packages on Overnight Delivery (excluding Rural). We have cut off times to ensure we can meet the freight company dispatch deadline.

    From time to time, there will be delays from the freight company due to many different reasons.  Road Closures, Sea Freight delays, Air Freight delays, Incorrect addresses, unexpected demand increase etc can be some of the reasons why some packages do not arrive in time.

    Any shipping delays caused by Freight providers will need to be followed up directly with the Freight provider.  We will provide you with tracking details once your order has been dispatched.  Please check your junk/spam folder for this information if you have not received your tracking details.

    Refunds will not be given for Freight Company delays.  Once the goods have been dispatched on time from our location, our obligation has been fulfilled.  If we have not fulfilled your order within the required cut off time, we will make contact where applicable to discuss the options.

    General Terms

    If you have special instructions relating to the delivery, please be sure to indicate these when required on the delivery details page as you are checking out.

    You acknowledge and agree that any person at the Delivery Address who receives the goods is authorised by you to receive your order. If there is no one available at the time of delivery to accept, or there is limited access to the delivery address the goods will be returned for delivery at a later date.

    It is your responsibility to ensure the delivery details are correct. We will not accept responsibility for lost goods due to incorrect details provided.

    We cannot and will not accept responsibility for delivery failures or delays from third party delivery companies.

    Print Online shall have no liability to you for any failure to deliver goods you have ordered or any delay in doing so or for any damage or defect to goods delivered that is caused by elements of nature or acts of God, acts of war, terrorism, riots, revolutions, or strikes or other factors or circumstance beyond its reasonable control.

    Upon delivery of your order, you must examine to ensure that there are no visible signs of damage or fault and that the goods received match the order you placed. In the event the goods are damaged in transit, faulty or you received an incorrect item you may return the goods to us in accordance with the Returns Policy below

    Return Policy

    The Print Online Returns Policy applies to all purchases made on this Website.

    We recommend you read our Returns Policy carefully prior to placing an order and retain a copy of these terms and your order so you are familiar with our policy on refunds, returns and exchanges and Your rights under the New Zealand Consumer Law.

    We recommend you immediately examine Goods delivered to you to ensure that there are no visible signs of damage or fault and that the Goods received match the order you placed.


    If any goods purchased from us are damaged, lost in transit, incorrect or faulty, simply return it to us in the condition that you received and we will happily refund or replace at our sole discretion.

    All claims must be accompanied with the product in its original packaging and the purchase invoice.


    Refunds will be made via your original payment method used to make your purchase. Refunds will normally be processed within seven (7) days.

    Refunds will not be given for Freight Company delays.  Once the goods have been dispatched on time from our location, our obligation has been fulfilled.  If we have not fulfilled your order within the required cut off time, we will make contact where applicable to discuss the options.

    Refunds will not be given for Delivery failures or rejections.  Once the order has been printed or dispatched from our location, our obligation has been fulfilled.

    Delivery Charges

    Any goods replaced under the Returns Policy due to being damaged, faulty or incorrect (under no fault of your own) will be delivered to you free of charge.

    Signature & Non Signature Deliveries

    All orders are shipped without Signature being required (ATL, Authority to leave).  The signature extra service is an extra cost that we do not provide and is not provided within our shipping rates.