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Frequently asked questions about, delivery, file types, design and more

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What time is your cut off for overnight delivery?

2.00 pm Monday - Friday, All orders received on Weekends and Public Holidays will be processed on the next working day.

Orders made on Friday will be delivered on the next working day

How much is delivery?

Overnight Delivery starts from $6.99 Nationwide. Full Delivery Rates here.

Do you offer pickup?

No we don't sorry, we are an online only operation with no retail store.


What are your shipping rates?

You can find details of shipping rates here.

File Types & Design

What file type should I upload?

Most common file types are PDF, Microsoft Word/Publisher, Images

.doc and .docx
.pbt and .pbtx
.jpg and .jpeg

PDF is recommended

What else do I need to know about print sizes?

All Prints except Plan Prints are printed to "Fit" the "Page Size" selected (Not stretched, but kept in ratio).

All Plan Prints are printed to Scale.

We do not offer full bleed prints (printed to the edge). All printing we offer is printed with a white border edge.

What else do I need to know about designs?

No trim & registration marks: Do not include trim or registration marks in your design work.

High Resolution: Save your design file in its highest resolution to avoid blurry or pixelated prints.

CMYK Colours: Use CMYK colour so your colours don't look different once printed.

Embedded Fonts: Embed your fonts so they don't change or look different once printed.

Pricing & Quality

How are your prices so cheap?

We use special techniques that help automate our business and lower the cost of our products.

Will I get good print quality?

Our equipment used are the latest 2022 Production Machines. These machines are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and can print at a much higher quality than office and home printers.

Does your pricing include or exclude GST?

All website pricing excludes GST, GST is added at checkout.

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