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  1. Select Booklet Size & Colour
  2. Select Paper Type
  3. Enter Page Count (Example 12 Page Booklet = 12 Pages)
  4. Enter Copies Required
  5. Upload File
  6. Add to Cart - Finished

Booklet Size:

A5 Booklet Black & White
A5 Booklet Colour
A4 Booklet Black & White
A4 Booklet Colour

Half Folded & Stapled with 2 staples (Saddle Stitch)

OKI | What is Saddle Stitch printing?


Paper Types:

80gsm - Budget
100gsm - Standard
120gsm - Premium


Booklet Design:

100 Pages Maximum Booklet 

Booklet Files must be 1 File in either PDF or Word Format (not individual files)

Basic Booklet Printing with no bleed (white edge) and no trimming. Just a straight Print of your file folded and stapled into a booklet.

Saved as Individual Pages, not grouped/spread Pages as per below picture

4 Page Booklets wont be stapled, and just Folded

5 Pages and above Booklets will be Folded & Stapled (Saddle Stitch)


Important Notes:

Printing Responsibility
It is the customers responsibility to ensure all artwork/designs/files are correct
Any printing that is done incorrectly due to the artwork/design/files not being correct is the customers responsibility.
We do not check your artwork/design/files as the printing process is automatic
The customer needs to make sure their artwork/design/files are correct specifications.
Order Finish Types & Order Quantity's
It is the customers responsibility to ensure their Order Finish Type and Order Quantity's entered are correct. We do not check your Finish Type and Order Quantity's as the printing process is automatic.
Print Sizes
All Prints except Plan Prints are printed to "Fit" the "Page Size" selected (Not stretched but kept to ratio).  All Plan Prints are printed as Actual Size under the Plan Print Section.
We do not offer full bleed prints (printed to the edge). All printing we offer is printed with a white border edge.  We also cannot guarantee exact image centering down to the millimetre as with all commercial printers, paper can move during the print process.
Print Order
If multiple files are uploaded, the individual files may not be printed in order, We recommend just one PDF file with multiple pages in your desired order.  We are unable to print bulk images in order.  If printing double sided images, please add just 1 product with 2 images to the cart each time.
Print Designs
No trim & registration marks
Do not include trim or registration marks in your design work.
High Resolution
Save your design file in its highest resolution to avoid blurry or pixelated prints.
CMYK Colours
Use CMYK colour so your colours don't look different once printed.
Embedded Fonts
Embed your fonts so they don't change or look different once printed.
Corrupted/Damaged/Incorrect Formats/Password Files
You are responsible for making sure your file is print ready.  Corrupted, Damaged, Incorrect Formats and Password type files may not be included with your order as our software will not print these types of documents automatically.  A refund of the missing files will be given upon request, however a refund will not be given for misprints due to corrupted files.  We will not cover the freight cost if you wish to reprint the file.